Features of the Wrangler

History of the Jeep

Flicks Motor Cars simply sells Jeeps. Our specialty? Jeeps for the every day "workin' Man"..."or Woman"... (sorry). Like you, we're passionate about our Jeeps.
  Jeeps have it all! Heritage, Patriotism, Individuality, and Quality. They have been around for generation after generation to get us out of a jam, or help us get in one.
 We,re not some big fancy "off roader" shop that build Zillion dollar rigs for the rich and famous, we simply gather up all the good ole everyday affordable Jeeps so you can shop a great selection in one location instead of traveling 3 or 4 hours to look at one Jeep.
 Journey to Flick's Motor Cars and look over our selection of Jeep TJ Wranglers.


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